Welcome to The Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand Inc.

The Jewellery Appraisers Society of New Zealand Inc. (JASNZ) was incorporated March 2001.
Jewellery Appraisers are an essential part of the Jewellery industry within New Zealand.These skilled people are responsible for appraising jewellery in order to place a monetary value on a particular item for various Scope of Work assignments and Markets.


The JASNZ is an organisation of fully Qualified and Specialists in Gems and Jewellery Appraisingas Personalty Property valuers.

A number of JASNZ members are also members of the Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc. (JWNZ)
The Jewellers and Watchmakers Assn of New Zealand – The Insurance Council of New Zealand and the Insurance and Savings Onbudsman all recomend using only Fully Qualified Jewellery Appraisers and Valuers.The JASNZ promotes appraisal training as well as additional technical training. this enhances and maintains the skills required by its members to be fully and legally qualified in the practise speciality of Gems and Jewellery and for other relevent personalty property


 JASNZ members qualifications include multi international Appraisal Science Diplomas’
from  the (AiSociety)™ Appraisers International Society (USA)
and/or CHECK the profesional CREDENTIALS of your APPRAISER/PRACTIONER.AiSCV   –  Appraisers Internatoinal Society, Senior Certified Valuer
Diploma, Advanced Specialist,       (Gems and Jewellery specialist)

AiSV      –  Appraisers International Society Senior Valuer Diploma (Gems and Jewellery Specialist)AiS-Law  – Advanced and Regulated Assignments
AiS-Tax  –  Multi-Jurisdictional Revenue Appraising
AiS-TEW – Personalty Trial Expert Witness -Trial Consultant – Document Reviewer
AiSV      – Senior Valuer
AiV        – Accredited International ValuerQualifications in Appraisal Science is sadly lacking in this and other countries and the JASNZ Society will promote and educate those less informed so called practioners who are practising with so called qualifications by association without appraisal qualifications(by examination) to gain the KNOWLEDGE required to have the HONESTY and INTEGRITY that is a basic fundementalEXPECTATION by the CLIENT communitity.

The following advisorary from the President of the (AiSociety™) Appraisers International Society (USA)
Mr Elly Rosen – AiSCV, G.G., F.G.A.

Valuation & Appraising needs Qualified “Valuers & Appraisers”. Gemology has it’s place in the broad “appraisal”process, but Valuation & Appraising has no substitute for Valuation & Appraisal Science studies.
Professional Gemmologists should not pass on an opportunity to learn why the answer to “valuation and appraisal” professionalismis rooted in “valuation” science rather than “gemmological” science.A 150-classroom hour, online, “residence” program, AiCertification™2012-13 truly is the most comprehensive and advanced program of education, testing, certification and referrals based on a comprehensive body of knowledge encompassing professional valuation and appraisal ethics, principles, procedures, methodology and reporting requirements.The most advanced program ever offered is now also the most affordable and accessible, while being multi-jurisdictional for application to all free market economies, as well as multi-specialty for all personal property disciplines and trades.For folks who may be interested in these final offering of this AISociety’s Complimentary Webinar, more info is on the LinkedIn Events Page at – http://linkd.in/KpqqlNPerhaps due to prior limited access, much of the gemmological community remains unaware of the simple reality that to “value” and/or “appraise” one needs “valuation and appraisaleducation, testing and certification.
The notion that “gemmological” proficiency somehow translates to “valuation and appraisalcompetency has long since been discredited by fundamental, proven valuation principles and appraisal reality.
Some JASNZ members have Gemological qualifications – required for the Authentication process for the purpose of Identification and/or Grading of Diamonds, valuable wedding rings  Pearls and  coloured stones/Gems only

A list of internationally recognised Gemological and Appraisal Qualifications include:-

(Ch,Sen,Mem) Charter Senior Member of the National Assn of the Jewellery Appraisers (NAJA) (USA)
(NGA) National Gem Appraiser of the National Assn of the Jewellery Appraisers (USA)
(NGJA) National Assn of the Jewellery Appraisers (USA)
(G.G) Graduate Gemologist (Gemological Institue of America)
(FGA) Gem-A Fellowship of Gemmological Assn of Great Britain
(FGAA) Australia, Fellowship of Gemmological Assn of Australia
(CSMJAS) Charter Senior Member Jewellery Appraisers Society (NZ)
(CMJAS) Charter Member Jewellery Appraisers Society (NZ)
(MJAS) Member Jewellery Appraisers Society (NZ)
(Dip.Dia. Tech) Diploma of Diamond Technology, Gemmological Association of Australia

Today the Fair Trading Act and associated Consumer Guarantees Legislation including other International 

Juristictional commerical Laws which are in place, are being pursued and enforced by the New Zealand Commerce Commision.The JASNZ continues to be vigilant to maintain the integrity, standards, and education of the JASNZ .


appraiser members

The JASNZ have under-taken the responsibility to have its members educated and being

 involved at an international level with association of the (AiSociety™) (USA)


Membership is open to anyone who has an active interest in the field of appraising (all specialties included
in Personal Property) and who agree to abide by the ‘Code of Ethics’, ‘Rules’ and ‘Objects’ of the JASNZ.
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http://www.jewellers.asn.au/Gem-A (Gemmological Association of Great Britain)
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http://www.gia.edu/General Enquiries:acting Secretary JASNZ IncMr S.J. Crout
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